Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays are standard at Reid and Associates Equine Clinic. Superior quality images rich in detail require no processing time and allow for immediate analysis. Images can be quickly sent to specialists for review, speeding intervention time in acute cases.

Portable digital x-rays can be arranged at your barn or horse show. In addition, a large x-ray generator at the clinic creates images of the chest and abdomen, which are important in diagnosing and treating pneumonia and colic, respectively.

Digital Ultrasound

Digital ultrasound provides high quality, detailed images and often offers the quickest and most accurate diagnosis of soft tissue lameness and disease.

Pneumonia and colic, along with tendon and ligament injuries are among the most common diagnoses using digital ultrasound.

Ultrasound is also used extensively in reproductive work, including determining follicle size and diagnosing pregnancy in mares.