About Reid and Associates

Reid and Associates Equine Clinic has developed a surgical service that includes specialization in emergency abdominal surgery, arthroscopic joint surgery, respiratory throat and soft tissue surgery and laparoscopic and orthopedic and podiatry surgeries. We also harvest and store stem cells for regenerative medicine and have highly-trained, full time equine surgeons on staff.

The clinic has a fully staffed hospital to handle sick and critically injured horses as well as abdominal cases. A very large rotating technician staff allows 24-hour and critical care administration.

Internal medical cases requiring hospitalization, isolation, or sling support can be effectively treated at Reid and Associates Equine Clinic. We have the equipment and machinery to support horses temporarily unable to stand or walk. Dr. Meg Miller-Turpin, an equine internal medicine specialist and medical director of our affiliate South Florida Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy facility is available for treatment of internal medicine problems. Dr. Miller became board certified while working at Reid & Associates in 2000.

Six fully equipped equine ambulatory units dispatch from the clinic and bring veterinary care to the horse at the farm. All of our veterinarians are mobile and are able to travel with full supply and equipment support. All of our veterinarians have the equipment to perform full oral examinations and do dental work.

The clinic embraces horses of all breeds and disciplines, and offers top-quality care not only during the busiest months of the Florida show and racing season, but day in and day out throughout the year.

While the clinic cares for many international sport horses, championship show horses and stakes-winning racehorses, Reid and Associates Equine Clinic values the local horse owner. Vaccination clinics and package pricing demonstrate our commitment to quality horse care.