Cheryl Marlow, Practice Manager

Cheryl is the Practice Manager and has been working with Dr. Reid since 1982. She does all personnel scheduling including the doctors, organizes upcoming surgery, the practice bookkeeping, and hospital case billing and has been Dr. Reids anesthetist since 1983. She has taught online anesthesia classes for VSPN and is RACE approved. Cheryl also teaches technicians and interns anesthesia at our clinic.

Jan Zenobia, Office Manager

Jan is the go-to person when you need something done. She does all the drug and supply ordering, makes sure the front office is getting things done, pushes the vets out the door in the morning to try and get them to be on time to appointments, does our accounts payables and manages personnel on a daily basis. Jan has been with Reid and Associates Equine Clinic since 1997.

Helen Freshour

Helen is our receptionist and always greets people with a smile and kind word. She deals with making appointments, surgery scheduling and computer input. Helen also deals with all patient files and keeps everyone up to date, sends out reminders and does the monthly billing.

  • Diane Laudadio - Hospital/Critical Care Barn Manager
  • Tammy Bernhardt, CHT-V - Ambulatory & O.R./HBOT Technician
  • Annemette Minor - Reproduction Technician
  • Madeline Swircek - Night Nurse
  • Danette Nanez - Hospital Technician
  • Erin Lindstrom - Ambulatory Technician & O.R. Nurse
  • Corey Chilcutt - Hospital Technician & O.R. Nurse
  • Erica Crupar - Hospital Technician & O.R. Nurse
  • Samantha Depperman - Hospital Technichian
  • Madeline Phillips - Hospital Technichian

Our team’s first priority is always the same.

The health and well-being of your horse.


Located minutes from the Winter Equestrian Festival and Global Dressage Festival showgrounds in Wellington, Florida


Reid and Associates Equine Clinic

1630 F Road

Loxahatchee, FL 33470



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  • Erin Lindstrom - Ambulatory Technician & O.R. Nurse
  • Madeline Phillips - Hospital Technichian