Standing Arthroscopic Evaluation and Treatment of Equine Joints



Now Reid and Associates Equine Clinic can perform quick diagnostic arthroscopic procedures on standing horses in the field or therapeutic procedures in the OR. NeedleView™ requires only mild sedation and a local block – there is no need for general anesthesia and its associated risks.


NeedleView™ technology can compliment MRIs, ultrasound, and x-rays. NeedleView™ scopes are micro-sized, resilient, and very high quality Arthroscopes allow visual access to stifle, carpus, and coffin joints plus smaller joints such as the navicular bursa.


High-resolution images and video can be output to a variety of devices, and even captured on a compact flash drive for display to our clients. We are excited to offer this truly enabling product that offers higher quality medicine to our patients.


Watch video of world-renowned equine practitioner Dr. David Frisbie performs a standing stifle exam using Biovision's NeedleView Arthroscope Suite.

Our team’s first priority is always the same.

The health and well-being of your horse.


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