Reid and Associates works closely with equine specialists from around the country to ensure that you have access to the latest research, diagnostic and treatment options.



Susan Carastro, DVM

Diplomate American College Veterinary Ophthalmologists

We have been privileged and very fortunate to have a professional association with what we believe to be one of the greatest  equine  ophthalmic clinicians  in the country.  Dr. Carastro routinely saves equine eyes with severely infected and damaged corneas via grafts and corneal transplants. Among other complex and difficult procedures she has successfully removed numerous equine cataracts and inserted artificial lenses.

Meg Miller-Turpin, DVM

Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Dr. Miller was previously an associate and has now specialized full time in internal medicine case management and consultation. We rely heavily on her expertise and consult her almost daily. She nearly always has at least one case in our hospital.

Our University of Pennsylvania Connection

Dr. Dean Richardson, Dr. Mike Ross, Dr. Jill Beech, Dr. Virginia Reef, Dr. Midge Leitch, Dr. Eric Parente and the entire New Bolton staff get regular phone calls and generously give surgical and medical consultations on many cases.

Our Gainesville, Florida Connection

David Freeman, MRCVS Diplomate ACVS is a friend of Dr. Reid's from the days of Veterinary school at New Bolton Center. He is a world renowned expert in soft tissue surgery and surgical anatomy of the head and gastrointestinal tract. David accepts some of the most complex and difficult referrals and willingly consults on many of our most complicated cases.

Our team’s first priority is always the same.

The health and well-being of your horse.


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